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BUY EDIBLES ONLINE AUSTRALIA. Edibles are more potent than smoking marijuana  – When smoking marijuana the THC and CBD (ingredients in the leaf that make is so much fun) enter your system through your lungs.  This works well and has worked well for years.  When you eat the THC and CBD, it enters your system through our stomach and liver.  This gets into your bloodstream faster and causes a much stronger effect on the brain. Edibles are much more discreet than smoking – If you are a soccer Mom or businessman looking to get the marijuana effect going on, it is much easier to pop a marijuana gummy bear into your mouth or a square of chocolate than pull out the pipe, lighter, bong, grinder, and weed bag.   Plus, the smell and smoke are a dead giveaway for people to figure out what you just did on your lunch break. BUY EDIBLES ONLINE AUSTRALIA.

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