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Amnesia Haze
Amnesia Haze

Sativa - 80% Leaning Lineage: Haze Recommended time of use: Afternoon

Purple Kush
Purple Kush

Indica - 100% Lineage: Hindu KushAfghani Recommended time of use: Evening

Lavender Haze
Lavender Haze

Indica - 60% Leaning Lineage: LavenderG-13 Recommended time of use: Afternoon


Indica - 55% Lineage: Thai Recommended time of use: Afternoon Origin: United

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White Russian

Hybrid - 50% Lineage: White WidowAK-47 Recommended time of use: Afternoon

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Hybrid - 50% Lineage: MazarBlueberry Recommended time of use: Evening Origin: AfghanistanNetherlandsUnited

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Purple Diesel

Sativa - 70% Leaning Lineage: Sour DieselPurple Kush Recommended time

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Sour Diesel

Sativa - 80% Leaning Recommended time of use: Morning THC: 26%, CBD: 2%, CBN: 4%

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Buy Monopoly Carts Online
Monopoly Cart

Buy Monopoly Carts Online Buy Monopoly Carts

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Florida Cake #2

Florida Cake Jungle Boys Online Buy Florida

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Lava Cake

Lava Cake Jungle Boys Online Lava Cake

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Assorted Flavor CBD

10mg per piece Pure CBD isolate Zero

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450mg CBD Gummy

15 mg per piece Anxiety and pain

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MoonRock Clear

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Godfather OG

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Live Rosin

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 Quality Products

Don’t be fooled by fake pictures or claims of “top shelf fire” Melbourne stoner prides itself on providing the best of the best Buy weed online in Australia. We know that it is difficult to order when you can’t physically see or smell the product. Even photos can’t fully showcase the high quality of the good bud. That is why we rely on award-winning vendors to stock our shelves with a beautiful inventory that will not disappoint. We stand behind our goods; satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t like your order, we will refund you for the full amount or replace the product!


Buy weed online Queensland.There is a lot of confusion around our industry, and here at Melbourne Stonner we understand that trying to find reputable information online is difficult. So, to combat that, we have a team ready to assist with any questions that you may have. With our strategic partnerships, we can offer you information directly from our cannabis attorneys or you can ask medical questions to our team of doctors. Weed for sale in Australia  Buy thc vapes online Perth weed Buy weed online Brisbane Buy thc vapes online Perth weed

 Fast and Organized

Buy weed online Online Tasmania: Cannabis delivery in Tasmania Marijuana delivery in Queensland Thc vape oil in victoria Buy THC Vape juice online Perth Making it on time is important to you, so it is important to us. We keep our ETA’s honest and accurate. Our drivers are put through strict training and assessment. Most importantly, our drivers are alert, responsible and SOBER! How many times have you received a late delivery or even the wrong order? Melbourne Stoners will make sure that its drivers are always in tip-top shape. We provide them with the tools they need to get to you on time and with your complete and correct order. Our qualified dispatchers create an organized environment which sets the foundation for a great team.

Customer Service

Buy weed online Queensland Buy Weed online Australia Buy weed online Perth Buy weed online Brisbane Buy weed online Tasmania wants to make sure that you are happy with your experience. Making sales isn’t the #1 priority; patient experience is. If we don’t make you feel welcomed, respected and valued, then we wouldn’t be doing our job. Local human interaction is our style. You won’t find yourself on the phone with a robot or an overseas call center. Melbourne Stoners are American-born and plan to stay that way. We are based out of Australia so you can always get help via phone, text or email. Buy weed online Queensland Buy weed online Brisbane Buy THC vapes online Perth Buy weed online Tasmania weed delivery in Australia  


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